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If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, Dr. Wallace can help you choose the best solution. Crowns and bridges are custom-fitted tooth prosthetics that function and look like natural, healthy teeth. Veneers are a less invasive alternative, but may only be a solution for those with slight tooth damage or discoloration. These thin porcelain or resin shells come in customizable colors and are bonded to the surface of your teeth.


A crown, otherwise known as a cap, is custom-fitted to your bite and is placed over your natural tooth or dental implant. We recommend this procedure for those who have an intact tooth without root decay. The tooth may be damaged or decayed on the surface. Crowns are also indicated for teeth that have been root canal treated or teeth in which large fillings replace more than half of the tooth structure. Crowns help to hold together teeth which are fragile or at high risk of future fracture and likely loss.


  1. We will reduce the problematic tooth for a proper crown fit

  2. An impression will be taken of your bite for crown fabrication

  3. The color of porcelain prosthetics can then be customized

  4. We will fit you with a temporary crown until the lab makes your permanent one

  5. You will come in at the next visit to have your custom crown cemented in place

We work with Edmond's Dental Lab in Springfield. They mill all of our zirconia and porcelain layered zirconia crowns in house and are usually able to have your beautiful restoration returned to our office and ready for delivery in 7-10 days! 


To replace a missing tooth that has neighboring teeth with decay and/or large fillings, or a tooth that has been missing for a long time (i.e., with gum recession around the area), we recommend bridges as opposed to dental implants.

Types of Bridges:

  • Traditional — Caps are bonded over teeth that lie on either side of the missing one.

  • Cantilever — Cap is bonded over a single tooth next to the missing one. These types of bridges are very rarely indicated because of lateral forces they create on the anchor tooth or teeth.

Bridges are also able to be placed over implants. Implant bridges can span anywhere from three teeth to full upper or lower arch replacement! If you are looking for a fixed alternative to a partial or complete denture, a fixed implant bridge may be the solution for you. 


If you’re looking to cosmetically correct or enhance the appearance of one or more teeth, we suggest veneers. They are very thin, porcelain or resin shells that you can customize in color and shape.

Common uses for veneers:

  • Chipped or broken teeth

  • Misshapen or irregular teeth

  • Teeth that do not respond to traditional whitening treatments

Cosmetic veneers are a treatment that should be considered only when all other options have been exhausted. Many times, a combination of orthodontic movement with braces and whitening will achieve a better and less invasive result. Dr. Wallace is always happy to discuss your smile goals and, along with your help, will determine what the best treatment for your case is. 

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